Vital Role Of The Coach

The coach is the first professional a student will interact with after enrolling at the Academy. The coach focuses on the athlete's development as an individual, including personal and clinical issues associated with sports performance, reducing stress, anxiety, overcoming fear of failure and success, and burn-out. Our trained coaches further assist with problem prevention, coping skills, relaxation training, decision-making, and crisis intervention, and most importantly, hone all the skillsets required to excel on the field. The Academy coaches will:

  • Promote the rights of every individual to participate in training
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every student to use the Academy facilities
  • Not allow any form of discrimination
  • Be discreet in any conversation about students or colleagues and not give any personal information without consent
  • The coach will develop a relationship with students based on honesty, mutual trust and respect
Vital Role Of The Coach