The Academy believes in equal opportunities for all. We ensure that no student receives less favourable treatment on grounds of sex, colour, ethnic or national origins, physical disabilities and religious beliefs.

Selection criteria are reviewed regularly to ensure all students are given an equal opportunity to succeed and progress.

Verification Process and Coaches Responsibilities

The Academy is associated with highly skilled Coaches with proven abilities. Qualifications of all staff are duly filed and updated. We look for some of these tenets in our coaches:

  • Demonstrate proper behaviour at all times
  • Fair, honest and considerate to all participants
  • Careful about health, hygiene, language, punctuality and presentation
  • Ensure safety of participants with whom they work
  • Work towards a high level of knowledge through gaining qualifications
  • Take ownership of actions and refer students to other professionals when needed
  • Self-analyse and reflect on their performance to ensure highest standards