Team Mind Sports Management, Dubai, is a front running trailblazer organisation comprising of award-winning players. We nurture and prepare juniors and young adults to achieve unprecedented success in the world of sports. The young talent can leverage the skillsets of our seasoned coaches for outstanding performances at the highest level, nationally and internationally.

Our deep and evolving expertise on the entire breadth of creative sports, especially football, has been able to maximize engagement with the next generation of footballers.


Our Mission : Fostering Talent

We shape young players through customised training programs.

Our Vision :
Winning Solutions for All

We carefully steer our programs to remain focused to Inspire, Support and Empower bright young stars to lead and develop successful career paths in the future and attain exalting standards in the industry to improve their employability in today's competitive market.


Inclusive and Innovative Approaches

The Academy imposes on athletes some clear criteria. Thus, for the premature promotion to an older age group and to the composition of the team for the weekly matches in the championships, an arithmetic mean is made between the football performance (training and matches), the school efficiency and overall behaviour.

There will be about 100 athletes in the Academy, divided into four age categories, in two different programs, from 6 to 16 years. After the age of 10, the Academy operates according to a unique project in Dubai where the skilled and talented are involved in all major competitions locally and internationally.

Benefits of being a part of the Academy

Quality. Expertise. Flexibility. Agility.

The Academy trains players to achieve and maintain the level of sport required for national or international performances.

Being conscious of its social responsibility, the Academy is also a social project in which over 40 children are involved. The focus is on assisting children and the youth to develop athletic skills and important athletic values such as respect, persistence and hard work.

Sports is a collective effort towards nation-building. It empowers communities, develops skills and brings people together.
It is a healthy and vibrant “youth force”. The Academy fosters mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play among youngsters
Purposeful collaborations that provide talent an opportunity to develop and deliver to its full potential.

Our Program

We nurture talent holistically and creatively, aiming to be integral partners for future professional footballers, and have a long record of achieving success. We provide different types of educational and training programs, specific to each student's need and potential.